Take advantage of User Generated Content tracking

September 16, 2022 in SEO

Knowing which places (forums, social media) your potential audience is using for discussions and communicating can be a gold mine for insights, such as:

  • Understand the language they’re using 
  • Know which forums and social media websites are your (and your competitor’s) users using for discussions
  • Find opportunities for attracting users that are asking questions related to your industry

How to find user-generated content related to your competitors

To find out all of these mentions yourself, you’ll need to search for mentions of your brand and the brand of your competitors on social media.

On Twitter, for example, you can do an advanced search with your competitor’s profile. Let’s say you’re looking into @exodus_io. You need to go to the advanced search in right and add their account name in the “Mentioning these accounts” field:

Exodus mentions twitter

What you’ll find out is that most of the mentions are coming from their own account. That’s not very useful for you since you want to find user-generated content. For that purpose, you’ll need to add their account both in “Mentioning these accounts” and “From these accounts”. Once you load the page, edit the URL from




This trick will help you exclude all tweets from their account.

The data collection process might take you hours every day, let alone analyzing the data and taking advantage of its insights.

Save hours of work by doing it the smart way

Our mission at SpyCrow is to save you time and money by providing you with actionable insights through our customizable dashboards. Here is an example of a report containing user-generated content:

As you can see, there’s detailed information about the source of traffic, as well as DR, Domain traffic, and much more. Additionally, you have the opportunity to filter by:

  • Date
  • Website
  • Dofollow/Nofollow links
  • Sponsored content

This flexibility guarantees fast and easy finding of insights that will help you generate more traffic and conversions for your business.