Competitor Analysis tool

Grow your organic traffic with our competitor reports

Uncover the SEO strategies of your competitors and build upon them. 

  • Full backlinks report
  • Keywords rankings and traffic estimations
  • Top landing pages and content

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Backlinks report

Detailed backlinks report that will give you an overview of the off-page SEO strategy of your competitors. 

Keywords report

Knowing which keywords your competitors are ranking for should be at the base of your SEO strategy. 

Traffic comparison

Compare your organic traffic with your competitros.

Top landing pages

Analyze the top landing pages of your competitors with our detail reports. 

Customized SEO dashboard that will keep you updated

All businesses need different types of data about their competitors to gain a competitive edge.

Our dashboards will provide you with all the information you need to understand which keywords are generating traffic for your competitors. 

Track your competitors and all their SEO moves

Knowing what your competitors are doing to outrank you in the SERP will help you counter their efforts and emerge a winner. 

How to start

1. Create your account

The first step in your journey would be to create your Spycrow account where you will be able to access all of your reports and insights about your competitors. 

2. List your competitors

The next step would be to add your most significant competitors in your monitoring list. That's the list of companies Spycrow will be generating reports for. 

3. Start generating insights

It's showtime! Our system will generate Traffic, SEO and Paid Search reports that will help you generate actionable insights on how to improve your strategy. 

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