Competitor Analysis tool

Track the PPC Strategy of
Your Competitors

Find out how is your competitor achieving their success in Google Ads.

  • Share of voice & market share data
  • Ad creatives
  • Keywords & landing page report

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Market share report

Understand the distribution of market share between your competitors. 

Automated reporting

No need for data uploading or adjusting. All you need to do is listing the websites of your competitors. 

Keywords reports

Find out what keywords are driving traffic to your competitors.

Landing page insights

Find out which landing pages are used by your competitors for their PPC campaings.

Detailed keywords, landing page, and ads data about your competitors

  • Traffic, volume, keyword difficulty, search intent for each keyword
  • Database with creatives used by competitors in their ads
  • Distribution of paid traffic between landing pages 

Traffic distribution between countries & more

Finding out where your competitors are investing their budget for paid traffic can show new potential markets and help you understand which markets they are generating value from.

How to start

1. Create your account

The first step in your journey would be to create your Spycrow account where you will be able to access all of your reports and insights about your competitors. 

2. List your competitors

The next step would be to add your most significant competitors in your monitoring list. That's the list of companies Spycrow will be generating reports for. 

3. Start generating insights

It's showtime! Our system will generate Traffic, SEO and Paid Search reports that will help you generate actionable insights on how to improve your strategy. 

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